Payment Security

Customer Credit Card Information Confidentiality
When you pay your orders, the credit card information on your payment page is only between your bank and you. Information about your credit card is not kept in our records in any way.

128 Bit Encrypted Communication (RAPID SSL Certificate)
During your payment with our credit card, the information flow between your bank and you is encrypted with 128 bits by RAPID SSL. This way, 3rd parties, including our website, cannot access this information. In this respect, data security is accepted which is accepted in world security standards.

Advance Payment by Credit Card
Your order, pay, cash and credit cards of all banks operating in Turkey (at one time) can. No extra fees or commissions are charged by our company or bank for payments by credit card.

Payment by Credit Card
You can pay for your order in installments with your credit card. In installment payments, you can only perform credit cards belonging to banks in which we are a member. In the "Installment" tab on the product page or on the billboards on our site, it is published how many installments (World, Bonus, Axess, Cardfinans, Maximum, Paraf,) are made.
For credit card installment, the card group to which the card belongs is not important from which bank. For example; Denizbank is a member of the Bonus Card group. For this reason, all customers who have a Bonus Card can perform their purchases in installments without having to buy the card. The same procedure applies to all other groups of cards.

Payment by Bank Transfer
You can pay for your orders via Bank Transfer / EFT. Select your bank transfer as a payment option in your shopping cart and make your payment to our company account or any of the banks below. Please make sure that the amount you send to our company account is the same as your order amount, and after you make a payment, send the account name and number, bank name and branch, payment amount information to Customer Service that is paid with WhatsApp.